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Saturday, June 19, 2010

What Birthdays, Comics, and Scooters Have in Common

Saturday, June 19, 2010

If you answered Ash Wednesday, then you're correct. Truth is, I love scooters and motorcycles as much as I love karaoke. And today is my friend George's Superhero birthday karaoke celebration at Caffeinated Comics AND The 24 Heures Du Rage scooter rally in San Francisco. Stay tuned for photos from both events, beginning around 4:30pm.

So, I left the Scooter Rage rally to celebrate George's Birthday. It's okay, I am riding the 9-11 leg for team Corazzo-Motosport. But for now, it's all about George and karaoke. There are a number of people here in costume, including Claudia in her Catwoman suit, looking hot, and Captain KJ Scott at best guess looking like some kind of lizard. Here come more people now...  Claudia sang "Bad Girls" followed by Ann who with "Money Money Money."  Meanwhile, back at the SFMC, Matt just boarded the team bike, a.k.a., The White Hawk.

Kitty is "Reminiscing" as the superfriends stuff their faces at the super food table. Everyone just looks so super!

There are enough superheroes here to align the planet, but are they powerful enough to sing in key? We'll see...

Some devil'ey superhero chick just walked in the door. I think it's Tana...
George sings "Born Again."

Becca sings "Yesterday" and looks smashing in her non-costume. How you cover her natural superhero looks with a lowly costume? John simply wouldn't allow it!

SuperBoner flew in like the wind. Or did he make wind on his way into

Blonde Aztec hero sang "Born To Be Alive," and SuperMechBunny sang "Whole Lotta Love." Now Anna's singing "Come Sail Away". So many damn drunk superheroes, so little crime...

SuperBoner says Don't Stop Til You Get Enough! Obviously, his appetite is strong! I think he needs to solve more crimes with his mighty power sword!

I just got word that Katie is riding leg three for Team Corrazo-Motosport.
Go Katie!

"Be Somebody" and maybe someday you will sing like Kitty. Or you can "Cannonball" like I just did! What we like here is consistency, and birthday boy is dueting with anyone and everyone. Later, he may show you how to tummystick fight!

Oh BatGirl, haven't you some sleuthing to do?

Damn, it's like the Power Exchange in here! Hizzle doin' the nasty on stage while the smell of fried food permeates the air. It's so wrong!!!
It's getting late. My scooter team is calling me to ride the next leg. I'll be on my way back to the rally soon. So, have a very Happy Birthday George. WE ALL LOVE YOU!!!

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