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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Why Not Cheer?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cheering is fun!
So, you're on the Mic belting out a song. Good or bad the crowd applauds you. Well, all except for that one person at the bar who had very conveniently pulled out her Smartphone and proceeded to pseudo-urgently reply to a text message during your entire performance. She doesn't offer support or acknowledgement of any kind, and the indifferent expression on her face tells the experienced Karaokista everything they need to know about her: She an Egomaniac, and wants 100% of the audience's appreciation for herself. When it's Ms. Smartphone's turn to sing, she attempts to sound like Beyonce or any of the other big named R&B singers. Her voice is not bad, with heavy emphasis on not bad, but her style is so trite, so homogeneous, like the fattening spread she butters her toast with in the morning.

If you sing karaoke regularly you may have seen the signs of the Egomaniac: He usually sits at the bar with his back to the stage. Not watching the performances keeps him free from offering support. The expression-less look on his face bears no hint of appreciation for anyone. And he deftly uses his Smartphone to deny a quality singer due applause.You may know one of these people already. If not, after reading this blog you may begin to recognize the telltale signs.


What they don't realize is that singing karaoke isn't American Idol, it's karaoke. And everyone came to have fun. All singers, good and bad, should be given the same support and congratulations for their performances. It's not about competition. If it were then we wouldn't be cheering for you, either. But just know we do, and it's not because you sound like Beyonce because you don't. Your tired singing style is appreciated because you've chosen to celebrate music with karaoke junkies. It's supposed to be fun, so get over yourself and put your hands together and cheer for everyone.

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