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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Empty Fun Tips for New Singers and More

A few friends and I met at Deco last night for Karaoke. It was a very chilly Tuesday evening, so many of the club's regulars kept themselves warm and cozy at home. The bar was somewhat quiet and not many people were signing up to sing.

This happens quite often during the week at many Karaoke bars. Slow nights like this can really suck for a dance club or a regular bar where crowds are an indication of a club's popularity. Yet for the hardcore karaoke singer a slow night is the Dog's Bollocks--the best time to go out. Imagine: A nearly empty bar, a three to four singer rotation, and who cares who is listening because this is karaoke after all you'll get to sing your ass off! Just remember   to tip the KJ, because his income is subsidized largely by gratuities. 

One time I showed up for Monday night karaoke at The Knockout. The KJ was running late so I waited patiently until he arrived at 8pm. In twenty minutes he was set up and ready to take requests. Being only one of two customers in the bar I felt a little silly singing alone, but then I thought to myself, "I'm freakin' here to sing" and put in a song. Turns out that KJ John, Bartender Tracy, other customer took turns singing for the first hour. When my friends had arrived at 10pm, I had already notched six songs in 90 minutes!!! For a karaoke singer that's unheard of.

One can never predict if a karaoke night will be busy or quiet, but if you arrive early you can maximize your chances to sing. Some bars start their karaoke  as early as 4pm, while others start at 8, 9, and 10pm. Arrive on time or early and the odds that you will get that mic in your hand several times before the masses arrive is good.

In the end, Deco and KJ Paul won the hearts of the singers there last night. Nobody had to wait very long to sing--not even That 70's Show! Sorry, bad inside joke. You had to be there...

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