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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Kung Fu Fighting at the Rickshaw Stop

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sounds of vocal Kung Fu filled the air as warriors came from afar to display their talents. And when the dust settled it was clear who was victorious...

The Rickshaw Stop

Yes, the Rickshaw Stop is the latest venue to host Karaoke. A reliable source told me that this will happen once a month on the second Tuesday, starting at 9pm. Rickshaw is a concert hall with an awesome sound system, so when you're up on stage you can really hear yourself sing. I love singing at places like this, and wish all Karaoke venues had a sound system this good. Did I mention that bands play here?

Brought to you by Glenny Kravitz Karaokeshark, Tuesday night suddenly became fun. What? You need to wake up early tomorrow morning for work? No problem. You can sleep when you're dead! Seriously, be among the first to arrive at 9pm and sing early.

Coming straight from work on an empty stomach? No problem. Rickshaw has a menu replete with trailer trash eats to tide you over. So order a stiff drink from the bar, and request a song.

Crazy Night

The battle was on. Everybody was Kung Fu fighting. For some, it was a matter of life and death. Villains 
were dispatched by Ninjas hiding in the shadows. Archfiends hid themselves amongst the throngs of passersby, waiting to for the perfect opportunity to strike. And with the force of ten the Wu-Tang quan--Bobby, Scott, Franny, Kt, Katherine, Barb, Noelle--devastated their opponents fighting force, until there remained only one, last, Ninja.

Perhaps the Ninja on the sofa snuck out of the village before the battle had started? Or was he the hero? Only the battle weary warriors of last Tuesday will ever know. 

Master Karaokeshark is planning his revenge attack against the Wu-Tang's. He is recruiting a special Voice Fu force to restore pride in the Rickshaw Valley. Your special voice is needed. Should you hear the Karaokeshark's voice whispering in the wind then prepare yourself for battle young monk, because your time has come to Be Like Water, My Friend

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