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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ed's Shady Birthday

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

First, let me say Happy Birthday to Ed Shady, man of the night at Amnesia. The timing was perfect: Glenny Kravitz Karaoke Shark was hosting his 4th Tuesday of the month Karaoke gig and dedicated the night to Mr. Shady. Many were in attendance to celebrate Ed and sing in his honor. Unfortunately, nobody sang "Kung fu Fighting," which would have fit the occasion like the color blue fit on Mister Ed!

Amnesia is not a forgettable bar, and with a full calendar of events, many people return for the live bands, dance nights, and open mic on Tuesdays.  I hope to try out some of my own material here sometime.

Ok, now I'm rambling. Back to the facts: Everyone had a great time. Glen managed to keep the eager crowd in fits with his Comedioke--a combination of comedy and karaoke--as a backup singer, faux-guitarist, and human sound effect machine. A force of nature in his own right, Ed crooned to the raucous crowd as they cheered him on. An anonymous stranger presented Ed with but two official Pierce Brosnan chapsticks and disposable razors, showing his love for the man with the silky smooth vocal style. Like Buttah!

Katie Holman did a sweet tribute to Brett Michaels singing "Nothin' But a Good Time," sending him some good vibes for a speedy recovery. Michaels is now lucid and in stable condition. Any coincidence? Patrick Maloney came straight from band practice and helped me get through Deep Purple's "Smoke on the Water," my first time ever. Thanks Mr. Maloney, your awesome! Although I do not remember what everyone else sang that night--I was so caught up in the moment taking photos that you can view at Ash Wednesday Karaoke Insider's Group on Facebook--the level of talent who showed up to sing that night ran strong like Usain Bolt's 100m in the 2008 Summer Olympics. These vocal (and at least one oral) Olympians gave their all that night, each delivering a gold-medal performance for their champ, Ed Shady. Happy Birthday to you, Ed!

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