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Monday, May 3, 2010

Blitzed and Bent at Bender's

Friday, April 30, 2010

On every last Friday of the month, you will find my friend Eileen Murphy hosting PunkSchlock Karaoke at Benders Bar. Always the consummate hostess, Eileen a.k.a. Cherry Pop, knows how to turn a flaccid evening into a rock-hard affair! Armed with a play list that could turn even the shyest, little weenies into Derek Stryker once they hit the stage.

Best if you come early, find a song, get a drink, eat some trailer trash food from the grill, then relax and wait for the action to unfold. And action you will receive. As if on cue, Jody a.k.a. The Rocket Girl, in her bright red and white skirt, improvised a search party for karaoke insiders who had strayed from the party. All MIA's were rescued from the "Shadows Of The Night."

Meanwhile, Eileen deftly queues up song after song and pleases the crowd with her always friendly disposition. And the crowd pays her back by making the monthly pilmgrimage to Benders. Does this lady ever have sour moments? I doubt it.

"Say It Ain't So," exclaimed an excited fan as his favorite song was tortured by pack of shameless twenty somethings, as the jubilant crowd cheered them on. Music brings out the best in people, makes them sing aloud and sing along and invokes fond memories, and puts the OK back in KaraOKe!

So the evening went: fun times had by fun people singing fun songs hosted by fun KJ Eileen. People went home spent yet sated, their throats hoarse from screaming at the top of their lungs to PunkSchlock Karaoke. Take it from Laureen, a.k.a. The Knockout: with crazy, rabid  karaoke fans like these, nobody will be "Outshined," wink-wink, nudge-nudge!

Note: This post was published on Monday, May 3 due to a new work schedule that has consumed a sizeable portion of the hours when my brain actually functions. Beware: A mind is a terrible thing to waste...on work!

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