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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Yeah, Mondays Do Suck

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Most people do the Monday through Friday hustle, and most people take it easy on Sunday especially in the evening because of the impending doom that is Monday Morning. But hardcore Karaoke singers aren't like most people. They want to make the most of their weekend, to defy logic and stay out late to sing their favorite songs fully knowing they will hate themselves in a few hours. That's cool... we've all sacrificed quality sleep time for a worthwhile cause. That being said, I want to dedicate today's post to the hardcore Sunday singer, who routinely sacrifices sleep in the name of fun. Such dedication ought to be rewarded, somehow, by our employers! If only Karaoke Singer was a real, paying profession. Sigh...

So, when you arrive at your drab cubicle on Monday morning, coffee in hand and hardly ready for the next 8 hours of subservient misery, just think about these photos to remind yourself that staying up too late again, was all worth it.

In order of appearance: John Baker, Emily Ginn, Denise Remhof, Ash Wednesday and Rob Il Duce, Smurf, Glenny Kravitz Karaoke Shark, Clare's Deli Elaine, Scott Annechino and Smurf, PWebb, Spaulding Smith, Dog, Pamtastic, George Cirilo, Jade Miller, John Atoigue, Becca Cisneros, Tana Sabatino, Ed Meng, Gisele Verrier, Madison Schwiertz, Tharon Knight, Kitty Kelly, Michelle Bruce, Eileen Murphy, Claudia Rivas.

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