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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Familiar Faces at Kelley's Pub

Friday, May 7, 2010

My last night in Vegas. I'm exhausted, but have decided to sleep when I'm dead. But where should I go to sing tonight?  There are so many Karaoke bars here that choosing one is complicated. A couple of friends from SF arrived last night and were staying on the Strip and wanted to hang out. After back and forth text messages we all decided to meet at Kelley's Pub in East Las Vegas.

So, I loaded up the address for Kelley's in my iPhone's Maps application and was on my way. After an easy 20 minute drive down an empty I-95 plus a mile south on Tropicana there I was... on a Cul de Sac staring at a row of single family homes. Damnit, lousy iPhone! After some manual guestimations, I finally made to my destination.

One look around Kelley's and it's looks like any other Irish bar, except in Vegas you get the customary poker machines in the bar top. The stage is festooned with glittery curtains and festive lights, ready for action. Leslie Poteet is a most entertaining hostess who can put a smile on the dourest of faces. Her collection of songs is fairly extensive, so finding a song is no problem. As per the standard in Vegas, drinks are cheap, allowing you to shower your KJ with riches! And Leslie is no ordinary KJ. She is a pro who knows how to communicate with everyone, and will make you laugh your ass off with her brilliant sense of humor. Everyone including me really  enjoyed the F*ck grammar tutorial. You had to be there to understand. It was very educational.

I wish I had arrived earlier because the place was going off! The rotation was around 10-13 singers all night. First, let me apologize to Leslie for singing to loudly into the microphone--I didn't pull away from the mic during the screaming part--startling you. But thanks for allowing me to sing "Blow Up the Outside World", by Soundgarden. It was my first time singing it, and it was awesome! Ed and Z nailed Evanescence's "Bring Me to Life". Ed, I didn't know you could scream. Good job Dude! James amazed us with his rendition of Paul McCartney's "Maybe I'm Amazed", and lastly, Leslie sang... Damn. What was her last song?

Kudos to Z and Ed, whose idea it was to go to Kelley's Pub. Wish I could have gone on Saturday night as well but to change my flight would have been too expensive for my poor ass! Also, thanks to the bar staff who kept our group lubed up with drinks all night. And finally, to the Lady of the Night, KJ Leslie, who charmed the pants (and skirts) off the crowd. Go Leslie!

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