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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Doing Double Duty at Deco

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Food coma and a comfortable bed almost got the best of me last Thursday. It was way too early to go out but I needed to leave my house, otherwise it would have been game over for the night. So, I forced myself into the shower and out the door and arrived to Deco thirty minutes early. KJ Paul and Scott were in full setup mode and Karaoke carnage was strewn everywhere. It looked like the back stage of a Hedwig play. While the guys scrambled to make their start time, I sat back with my Bitters and Soda and waited patiently for the fun to begin. Paul and Scott were probably thinking to themselves "Ash, you Lazy F*ck, why don't you lend us a hand?" Feeling guilty, I asked what I could do to help. "We need a microphone check." Another phrase for "sing something." Cool. Let's see... Okay, how about "She Talks to Angels?" Good song for a sound check. Then they asked me to sing another song to get all the Mics ready. Sweet! Need more help? No worries, I'm you're guy!

Within twenty minutes everything had fallen into place. The KJ's were ready. Sound system, check. Costumes, check. Scott as "Stunt Paul" for the evening, check. KJ Paul--the master of Saturday Karaoke at Caffeinated Comics--was a quasi-patron and, like many people on that night had become taken their alter ego. The enormous Goodwill clothing rack of costumes and Deco's par-for-the-course flamboyance meant that fun would be mandatory. No getting around that order as everyone had a great time singing and celebrating the performances of their friends and strangers. The only sour part of the evening was when somebody walked off with my Tambourine. I guess they wanted it so badly that they stole it. Freakin' Douchebag Loser! I just need to keep telling myself that most people are honest enough to trust with my musical instruments...

All in all, it was fantastic evening. Nina, Ginger and Derron were among the many Karaokista's who filled the bar with song and laughter. And kudos to the Dynamic KJ Duo of Paul and Scott who made it all possible. Good times, folks. Good times...

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